Monday, June 30, 2014

How I did It- Psychology notes!!!


I am pleased to share my psychology  notes. I had scored 249 in psycho (one of the highest).Notes of paper 2 shall follow soon.

How to use these
1) Please use them only as ADD ONs and not as your mainstay of psycho prep. There is NO substitute to textbooks like Baron, Ciccarelli etc
2) The Doc files are the most important files. Read other files (pdfs etc) only when you have sufficient time.
3)Key: CIC means Ciccarelli, PM=printed material, CN=class notes,Baron=Baron, Morgan=Morgan and King

Here is the link: https:

Paper 1

Paper 2


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your notes, it will be of great help. Thanks once again

    PS It would be better if you share your sources for topic in Psychology, in that way we aspirants will be in better condition to appreciate your notes and can prepare on the lines of sources specified by you.

    1. Paper1 : Baron, Morgan, Ciccarelli, Pathak Sir's notes-class notes and printed material+ lot of internet research, NCERTs
      Paper2: Smarak Swain, Encyclopedia of Applied Psychollogy, Pathak Sir's notes-class notes and printed material+ lot of internet research, NCERTs

    2. thank u very much,if any doubt surely I ll try u..

  2. In Paper 1 : do we have to go through all the given materials or one among baron, cicareli and pathak sir's notes is enough?
    What is the Title of Baron's book as there are 2books available in market.

  3. @ shiva- No you need to go through all. TItle of Baron's book is Psychology
    by Robert A. Baron, Michael J. Kalsher

  4. Hey prabhav .. congrats buddy fr ur splendid performance...
    I am appearing for mains 2014( hopefully).. could u suggest which test series to join fr psycho...?... I have zeroed upon pathak sir and beautiful mind..... My prepartn is rather fine and the prime concern is writing practice... in dilemma.. ur suggestion wud definitely be worthy...

  5. Congrats prabhav for your splendid achievement .I wish you best of luck for the future and thanks a ton for sharing your notes .I have a question .
    Arent standard books plus internet enough for preparation ! Do we need Mukul pathak's notes necessarily ?

  6. where can i get pathak'sir notes?

  7. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to take Psychology as my optional but i can not take any coaching to support my preparation .
    I have downloaded your notes . Do i still need to refer Pathak SIr's notes ? If yes , then could you please guide me where to find this note from .
    Thank you .

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  9. Sir i am taking psychology as a optinal subject.i am doing my graduation in psychology...Guide me how should i prepare for the exam?

  10. Sir, Is it true that Psychology is not good subject for upsc mains with hindi medium

  11. Any idea about Beautiful Minds IAS?