Saturday, July 5, 2014

How I did It- My Notes for General Studies


link for paper 1

Please follow this link to download my notes for GS paper 2

link for paper 3

link for paper 4

Most of what I studied is in digital format. I shall soon post the list of text books I   read for GS.

How to Use these?

1) Color code: yellow/green highlighted material is somewhat important. and was revised by me in my last but second revision. RED UNDERLINED means the stuff is very very imp and  was revised in the last revision. The portion not highlighted/underlined is useless and can be skipped for revision purposes or even on first reading.
2) LMR stands for Last Minute Revision meaning the stuff was revised on the eve of the examination
3) only read the docs which have been highlighted ie touched by me. some of the docs are useless.

All the best!


  1. Bhayya some pdfs require password to open especially vision ias docs

    1. password for visionias pdfs is

  2. Hi, gratitude for your efforts. As a beginner , I have a naive query. I see you have liberally used highlight/comments/self notes in PDFs as well. I am unable to do that since my "document rights are not enabled". Kindly suggest a remedy. I use adobe acrobat on ubuntu. Regards

  3. I used foxit reader. Also, there are sites like where these restrictions can be removed. hope it helps!

  4. Thank You. I have foxit reader too, but maybe i need some other version, there are no tools for editing.

  5. the pdfunlock solves most of my purpose, thank you.
    Can u suggest how to go about the economic survey released just now? hardly 40 days to go for prelims..

  6. Just read the items in the boxes and the newly added chapters(if any)

  7. dear sir...can u plz share those of geography optional too...

  8. @anonymous above: I shall soon do it yaar. The problem is right now I am on a very slow network. Will be done by 3rd of Aug!

  9. Hi Pravhav, although was able to download the all the papers, but was unable to open paper 2 and paper 3 zip files, the error says 'it is empty'. Please suggest

  10. Bhai Plz, post book list n strategy for mains, I following ur nots basic ncerts. Plz

  11. prabhav if you have time pls write a blog on how to attempt answers in psychology paper 1 and paper 2.just gv a brief outline

  12. Sir aapke notes Hindi me available h kya my medium hindi