Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hi,welcome to my very first attempt at blogging..... hope it shall make an interesting read.Its election time ....the time for the acid test again...And I am excited..I am also disappointed to a great extent because I won't be able to participate in the greatest exercise of the democracy .The voter ID card tucked inside my wallet seems to be useless.Its because I am enrolled in an polling booth in my hometown and it won't be possible for me to go there during the time of the much dreaded comprees..So, what's that excites me? hmmmmmm...perhaps it is the air of change around ..By change I do not mean the political alliance that is going to win or lose. By change I wish to point at the swiftness with which one of the accused of perpetrating communal hatred was dealt with. By change I wish to indicate the willingness of officials to take action to ensure free and fair elections rather than just letting things take their own course. By change I mean the increased level of political consciousness (stake) which the middle class is showing, may be because of the sense of urgency that Mumbai terror attacks have created.Another thing that excites me is the use of electronic voting machines throughout the nation(Barring J&K, Assam and Arunachal pradesh).This indeed will make the entire process smoother and more transparent. Alas! will have to wait for quite sometime to hear the beep soundThis election will be fought under the shadow of the great economic depression and the Mumbai terror attacks. Both of these factors I hope shall act as catalyst towards a greater participation of the middle class in the country's democratic scenario. That’s exactly the reason that a common guy like me is writing his first post on elections.well, about the results, I am a bit sceptical about any party getting clear cut majority. It indeed is a sad thing that today there appears to be a dearth of charismatic national leaders. So, the success of Both the NDA and the UPA depends primarily upon how their regional allies fare in their respective states. As far as the third front is concerned, I don’t consider it a force worth reckoning.Let’s wish and pray (and vote) that this election brings a government at the center that is strong and has the willingness to tackle all forms of terror and economic challenges.May democracy emerge victorious!


  1. welcome to the world of blogging dude.... btw the time spent by u wid d newspaper is showing :D

  2. nice analysis dude.may ppl give heed to ur first blog.ur blog definiteli will urge dem to vote and dat 2 conciously.keep coming up wid such nice blogs.

  3. "joshiji has done well here displaying our status on the gen elections 2009 i encourage him to write more such post and thus keep a record of state of affairs.."

    Saurabh Rungata

  4. Great start Prabhav. And as Lokesh said, your newspaper affair is getting louder ;)
    Keep writing!

  5. Nice attempt. Hope you cover all facets of our society in your blog. Don't forget, your blog will be heeded as long as it is written with an unbiased mind.

  6. hey......

    nice effort dude...
    true political n ethical conditions r being reflected de blog....

    very much touched and emotionally moved by ur blog....

    I used to take these election things very casually previously...but unlike all my fellowbeings i wll TRY to give vote everytime ....

    keep coming up wid these kinds of blogs...

  7. nice job DUDE .
    I agree to your points
    Let’s bring a strong central government capable of tackling terror and economic challenges.
    May democracy emerge victorious!
    keep writing !!!
    keep blogging ...

  8. gud one!
    hope we all don't "wait 4 smthing better that doesn't include or doesn't need us" !!!!