Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marathi Maanusha Jagaho!!! (RIse from slumber ,O! people of Maharashtra)

So, the Shiv Sainiks have done it yet again!! Bah!!! Proved it once again that the only philosophy they believe in is the "Lynch Mob" philosophy .The act of attacking the (Mumbai Terror attack case ) Defence counsel's house (Mrs .Anjali Waghmare) at midnight is not only shear contempt of court but also portrays the utter disrespect for human rights which these people have. Here, it seems opportune to me to remind these so called "custodians" of Hinduism and Indian ethos of the very basic principle on which our culture is based that is the principle of TOLERANCE .The justification of attacking a woman that too at midnight is certainly not available in the Hinduism which I (and hope most of my countrymen )follow.
The role of a defence lawyer is a legal necessity that goes with every criminal case howsoever heinous the crime might be. It is in accordance with the natural faith on which justice is based that an accused is not assumed guilty unless proven so in the court of law. The appointment of a defence counsel is as per the requirements of the International Human Rights Charter. And in a case that basically is as mere legal formality, such an act can not be justified at all.
The shocking thing about this incident is that it was done under full media glare. This simply indicates the level of fearlessness these people have developed. It requires real guts to attack a lawyer's house whose husband happens to be a police officer .By fostering communalism , regionalism I simply fail to understand how are they "protecting" Indian culture .Shiv sainiks I feel , need to get a basic fact right: MINORITIES NEED NOT NECCESSARILY BE WRONG DOERS. One thing that I am sure of is that they are definitely bringing shame to Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja(After whom they are named).
The thing that disturbs me most is that If this tendency is not checked Maharashtra might go the way Swat has gone in Pakistan .If you go about drawing similarities between the actions of the Taliban in swat and what the Shiv sena is accomplishing ,the list shall go on. It indeed is the time for the Marathi people to rise from slumber and stand defiantly against such insolent, undemocratic , fascist , divisive, sham hinduistic forces .
(PS: Marathi Maanusa jaagaho !!! is the pet war cry of shiv sena )

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  1. well ..judging by the content. i wish your blog goes the pink chaddhi campaign way and creates the same stir as the former did...