Friday, November 13, 2009


To begin with, for all my non bitsian friends, “NIGHT OUT” in the bitsian lingo is a cruel misnomer referring to the all night slogging usually done before a test to prevent the inevitable. Well, for many of my friends out here, it is a way of life but for me the night of 12/13 November, 2009 was the “NIGHT”. The term is a misnomer because everybody usually remains locked up inside their rooms, performing activities that are just the total opposite of what one is actually supposed to do on a ‘night out’. Yeah, the only thing common is that both of these leave you with a ’hangover’. It’s in this hangover and a little jiffy that I am writing this post.

After meticulous planning and tedious procrastination for about a fortnight, I was able to bring together the task of the submission of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals (PRPC) assignment and that of submission of the Optimization assignment on the same day..err.. the night. Of course, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards my dear friend Kalia (alias Rishabh), also my assignment partner in PRPC, who left no stone unturned in making this possible and providing me with the much needed inspiration and guiding light for a ‘Night Out’.

The PRPC assignment was to be submitted at 2pm while the OT assignment was to be submitted by 8.00 am in the morning. I had had a tough time earlier that day with my Heat Transfer Operations test going in the drain.

To ensure a complete ‘Night Out’ I tactically took refuge in the so called ‘good’ movie ‘Ajab Prem KiGazab Kahani' which turned out to be depressing .Actually in the current stage of my life sans ‘someone special’, I find all such romantic movies very depressing. The ‘Night out’ began with the PRPC assignment which actually turned out to be quite an interesting task.I found the Offshore Drilling Technology particularly awesome and beyond my imagination. Meanwhile I could feel the outside temperature dropping as the cool breeze kept seeping in through the closed window. After completion of ‘stage 1’of the assignment at about 1:30 am, I and Kalia set out for Food King to recharge ourselves.
As we stepped out of our beloved BUDH BHAWAN, it was a different world altogether. The morning (next) fog was just setting in, with a little drizzle going on. My thought reflexively (refluxively for my Chemical Engineering friends), went to the smell of warm ‘Pakoras’ and obviously the would be and yet unknown ‘Pakora banane waali’. With the cool breeze blowing all over, it seemed so surreal. The dosa was awesome, But it was the ‘coffee on the cold night thing’ that made this experience so cherish able that I could not stop myself from writing this post.

After returning it was the same old Optimization assignment once again which had ruined the sleep of the entire 3rd year batch on four previous occasions. Grumbling, I somehow finished the assignment but a load of the PRPC assignment still remained .As the clocked ticked close to 6am, I decided to doze off.
The next thing I remember was this:
OHK!! I have calculated the thermal properties of air at 7.20 am , hmmm…, what if I calculate them at 7.30 am …should still work…but that’s too close to the threshold limit of 8.00 am!!!..Uhhmm… AND Then the THUD on my door, that woke me up.

Well, the deadly combo of assignments proved voluminous enough that I had to forego my lunch for the first time in BITS. Thanks to the morning glass full of coffee that I was live and confused though.

Perhaps for the first time in my Bitsian life, I saw how does 5.00 am look like in the alarm clock. And, did you know, the morning aarti in the Saraswati Mandir is held at 5 am ?? I realized the power of caffeine as a stimulant. Three mugs of coffee are more than enough to keep you awake for the next night and half the other day.
While all of my friends woke up to find the fog in the morning, I slept with it!!!
Although, it resulted in our submission of a 45/300 mark report WITHOUT an INDEX (!!!), this was an experience worth reminiscing, I dare say more than may be a real Night Out (May be because I have not experienced a real one as yet :p).


  1. I feel this was your best till date....keep up the good work... and yeah.. thanks...I get new in yor write up and their usage.

  2. Nice one...
    U hav put ur feelings and thoughts nicely..
    And ya,yesterday nite's weather with drizzle on face we awesome... and dat god level coffee :)

    Its gud dat u hav finally grown up... very late though..
    Vaise its strange that when ppl start makin nite outs in I yr itself,how u could stay da school

    BTW,thanx for da gratitude u expressed towards me... :)

  3. i agree wid nishant on thsis being one of ur best post..was smiling all the parts:self realizations. Keep writing such related and interesting ones..other political ones is not my cup of tea...nice 1 :0

  4. hmm..itsprabhavwaking!
    a smooth read..
    par iss nite out ke piche motivation kuch aur tha prabhav ji..kalia saab bata rahe mein aap kaafi busy they:P..kalia had to take most of the responsibility!

  5. @ abhishek(TINU) ..
    wish your words were true!!!

  6. kya likhta hai bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!
    quite evidently u have an awesome way of explaining an event and even better vocab....
    so keep jotting down the thoughts down your memory lane and let us have some quality tym reading your this one's serious.
    tujhme hai wo baat...........

  7. @kalia,
    Sir, i did have some partial night outs but this was the complete one...and still i dont think that its a great thing to study or do anything in the 11th hour..thnx 4r ur appreciation..

  8. @ Sinha ji,
    thanks a ton for your appreciation and what I still believe ..partial leg pulling...

  9. Finally Prabhav! You made it, congrats on your first night-out. And I find it appropriate here to remember those days in first year when you used to get irritated with my late-night escapades. ;)

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  11. It comes across really as a mind boggling exercise ! (the nite out) i m still deprived of it though :(
    And how cud u find APKGK depressing???

    PS..I've praised ur writing skills enough!

  12. prabhav, a nice post. Though its a wonder that your first night out made you write all of this. Imagine those who have been living a BITSian life full of night outs :) They would be able to write a magnum opus indeed :P
    and yeah, i liked yours calling it a misnomer as the real night out comprises of a load of movies watched one after the another or a whole season of TV series wrapped up instead of the much boring studying (which the originial sole purpose actually is) :D

  13. congrats prabhav..!! u finally made 1.. coming 2 serious note, u hve grown up as a blogger man.. :)
    congrats again..
    n dat means my gulabjamun+ice-cream tr8 due 2nyt shud b supplemented by sumthing more.. wht say ??