Saturday, January 23, 2010


Never before, had I noticed the annoying sound that my tube light made. Neither had I turned back after hearing the sound of a chocolate wrapper being pushed over the floor by the flowing breeze.Never before I had given a thought to the sound of water drops leaking from the water cooler and never in the past had I run to save my life.....

Well, all this happened when I stayed back in BITS during the winter vacation for about a week.I intentionally delayed writing of this post because of two reasons
a)Its always refreshing to cherish pleasant memories later
b)I did not want anyone to think that I was having loads of free time during my stay here :)

It so happened that just after leaving for his hometown, my superside Ali Bhai had called me back to check whether he had switched off his heater or not.After preliminary examination,I had informed him that everything was fine.Couple of days later, I was watching "FRIENDS"(that was the only solace without real friends like you) with rapt attention.Suddenly,I smelt that something was burning.It struck my mind that it must be Ali Bhai's wretched heater.With lightening speed I put the laptop inside its bag and ran at a pace I had never known before.I hurried downstairs, only to find that even Chowki Ji was not there.I opened the locked channel gate of the bhawan.After waiting for sometime outside the bhawan, I gathered all my courage and went into the bhawan again to get the contact number of warden from the noticeboard.Few minutes later Warden sir, Superintend sir came to my rescue with some other workers.When I told them about Ali bhai's heater,they decided to break his lock open.But Ali bhai's Aligarhi lock did not give in to the blows of the mighty hammer

The smoke however did not appear to be coming from his room and certainly the smell was persistent and omnipresent.later it struck to one of the workers that the smell might be from burning of some trash outside the BITS campus.It indeed was...It seems you dont have to be a chemical engineer to comprehend the effects of molecular Diffusion.

I had downloaded quite a few horror movies to watch during the nights.Being alone in a hostel of some 300 students would have provided the perfect ambiance.But after this chilling event there was no scope left for any more nightmares..

Besides all this, eating every meal at c'not was proving to be very costly(both financially and stomach wise).I was missing the mess food badly..this was one thing I had never comprehended.

My frustration grew every day as it became clear that I had taken the decision to stay without essential planning.When on 23/12/2009 my experiment failed to yield any meaningful results, my guide asked "so how do you plan to troubleshoot it?" and I replied "Sir, the plan is to go to Chittor"(my home town).

The feeling while boarding the bus after staying back for 9 days is of course beyond description.


  1. nicely written buddy, but i believe the previous articles were far better. the description was not so captivating as the previous blogs. nonetheless, a good piece.

  2. Ya I do agree with you.This is probably because the earlier experiences were fresh when i wrote those posts.For this one I had to recollect and then write...and it seems it did nt come out that well

  3. dear joshiji,
    After being bullied into being follower and threatened on being beaten by the hockey stick at places i could not think off..I humbly but say that this post of yours was good for the first few lines as it had succeeded in giving me quite a good picturisation but for the rest of it , I kind of pity Ali to have a foolish friend like u hu ratted his secret heater to warden and chowki :P . As it was quite late in the night when u posted this blog i could thereby infer that u were more in a hurry to finish it . I hope u could elaborate more ont the alone time spent here in our mammoth hostel . And yes please ab hockey stick se mat marna!! Overall the idea was good and ithink u must have had a lot more tell than u have written Cheers!!

  4. @RungtaJi,
    Sir, you have still not become my follower :P

  5. OMG..ppl its not bad as its being made out to be..I wud just say that this is the outcome of the high standards set up by the author himself which is itself a compliment.

  6. it's really good...
    but ignore some unnecessary details...
    keep the good work going!!!

  7. Hey, what a read! nice one...
    ALI's story was fun :D:D :)
    keep coming up with more like these...

  8. lol.. nw evry1, including our warden n chawki, knows abt ali having a heater in his rum.. :)

    lolest.. sme trash burning outside bits campus n u pack ur lappy n think it 2 b (bechara) ali's heater in ur adjacent rum.. !!

    newayz.. strt ws bettr thn d end.. hope f getting sme more gud wrk 4m u.. cheers.. !!